PA Systems

Fender Passport 150

3 Grund unpowered 15” mains/ 2 12” monitor wedges with Crate 2 x 150 watt powered mixer

2 JBL Eon 15 G1 powered mains with powered JBL Eon sub, 2 JBL Eon 15 G1 powered monitors,

with Peavey RQ2314 14 channel mixer (with a backup RQ2314 mixer)

2 Sunn SPL1226 mains (2x15” bass, HF horn) with 2 Hafler P500 800 watt mono amps. Have 2 JBL 2440 HF drivers (2441 diaphragms) with 500 Hz Community horns, Behringer active crossover, and a Hafler P500 amp to drive horns (rated 2 x 130 watts into 16 ohms, 2440’s rated at 60 watts RMS (168 db at 1 watt) as needed

Peavey RQ2314 or RQ4324 mixers, Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro mixer

Effects rack with reverb, compressor, parametric equalizer, RTA, feedback suppression, etc.


6 GSL58 (SM58 copy, good mic)

4 GSL47 (SM57 copy, good mic)

2 Samson small format condenser mics with cardiod and omni capsules

2 MXL small format condenser mics with cardiod and omni capsules

Nady drum kit (bass drum mic, 2 overhead condenser, 4 snake/tom mics)

MXL large format condenser vocal mic

Mic stands including bass drum stand, drum mic clamps, etc.

Recording Gear

TASCAM TSR8 8 channel 1/2” open reel recorder with dBX, 2516 16 channel mixer

TASCAM 44OB 4 channel 1/4” open reel recorder with dBX

Fostex VF16 digital recorder

Focusrite Scarlett 2I2 2 channel USB audio interface

Zoom H2N digital recorder


Peavey 3000 dual 4 lamp arrays with controller (8 x 300 w floods, power hungry; will experiment with LED floods soon since 250 watt dimmable bulbs are now available)

Instrument Amplifiers

Fender Blues Deluxe; Peavey MX VT; Peavy Chorus 130

Ampeg B2R bass amp (350 watts @ 4 ohms version) with 2 dual 15” cabinets (1 or 2 BGW 750C 800 watt amps can be added)

1 Alesis Sumo 300 keyboard amps


Canon T3i DSLR with standard and mild telephoto lenses, extra battery pack

iPhone 6S with tripod attachment and external battery pack

iPhone 5S with tripod attachment and external battery pack


Macbook Pro 17

HP Envy 17 with Ubuntu Studio (OpenShot and Cinelerra-CV video editing, Ardour and Audacity audio editing, etc.)

Desktop with dual quad core Xeon CPU, 2 25” monitors; software includes a RTA and Sibelius with the AudioScore (MP3 to Sibelius/MIDI) and MediaScore (PDF to Sibelius/MIDI) add-ins; dual-boots to Ubuntu Studio

Primary server (4 Opteron, 8 MG RAM 16TB RAID array, running FreeBSD)

Backup server (4 dual core Opteron, 16GB RAM, 12TB RAID array, running FreeBSD)

HP 24 slot 2 drive LTO3 tape library

Cables and Stands

150’ 20 conductor snake (all XLR to mic input)

4 150’ XLR cables (for return to mains and monitor amps)

2 50’ 8x4 snakes; one in poor condition

XLR cables as required

Instrument cables as required

Speaker (1/4” TS to 1/4” TS) cables as required

AC power cords and AC outlet boxes as required

100’ extension cord rated at 15A

4 heavy-duty speaker stands, 2 light duty speaker stands

7 tripod boom mic stands

1 weighted base mic stand


Sound Technology 1710 audio generator/distortion analyzer

Sound Technology 1000A FM generator

Sound Technology 1200A workbench switching system

Sound Technology 1500 tape recorder analysis system

HP 6 ½ digit DVM, Heath DVM, HP frequency counter

HP RMS AC voltmeter

Tektronix 465B oscilloscope

Leader Wow and Flutter meter

Binocular microscope

Professional soldering equipment (SMD devices, temperature controlled iron, etc).


400 watt dummy load (2 x 200 watt stereo)

Test media including 1/2” and 1/4” open reel alignment tapes, CBS STR100 LP

Musical Instruments

Conn 1953 baritone sax; Conn/Pan American 1930 tenor sax; Buescher 1928 alto and 1923 soprano saxes; Conn 1942 444N clarinet

Audio Technica wireless sax mic, transmitter/receiver

Squier Jazz Bass and Squier Strat

Korg Triton Rack synth with ROM packs and analog synth cards (disassembled)

Alesis 88-key MIDI keyboard