Microphones (Mics)

6 GLS ESL58 (SM58 type), 3 Samson R31S (SM58 type with switch), and 4 GLS ESL57 (SM57 type)

2 Nady wireless microphones

2 Samson CL2 1" small format condenser Mics have cardiod and omni capsules, and a 90 degree bracket with shock mounts)

2 MXL 604 condenser mics (both cardiod and omni capsules, shock mounts)

MXL 990 large format condenser mic (with shock mount)

6 Behringer C2 condenser mics (2 with shock mounts)

Acoustic guitar contact mic

Nady 7 piece drum mic set, containing 4 DM70 dynamic, 1 DM80 dynamic, and 2 CM88 condenser mics

4 drum clips, 1 bass drum stand

6 Tripod boom stands, 3 stand with weighted base

1 100' 12x4 XLR snake, 1 50' 12x4 XLR snake, 1 50' 8x4 XLR snake, and 1 30' 8 conductor snake

Behringer 2-channel DI box Behringer 8-channel DI800 DI rack-mount

Necessary mic and speaker cables, clips

Other mics and stands available by pre-arrangement