Onsite Digital Recording

Digital recording of a performance onsite can be done with the following equipment:

Zoon H2N digital recorders

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2 channel and MOTU 8pre 8 channel recording interfaces

The 2i2 is usually coupled with 2 Samson CL2 condenser mics in a quasi-Blumlein array.

Recording interfaces are used with a Macbook Pro 15 or 17 notebook with either the Audacity (2 channel) or Reaper (multi-channel) DAW programs.

Fostex VF16 8-track digital recorder (to disk)

1080P video can be recorded with an iPhone or with a Nikon D820 digital camera; however, better results can be obtained by contracting with a videographer (such as Ryq Peden).