Other Equipment Available


Squier Jazz bass ("Vintage Modified")

Squier Stratocaster guitar

Korg SP300 digital keyboard (88 weighted keys)

Korg Triton Rack synthesizer with EXB-MOSS analog synth card, EXB-SCSI, EXB-PCM01 (Pianos), EXB-PCM04 (Dance Extreme), and EXB-PCM05 (Vintage Archives) expansion cards

Buescher Bb soprano, 1923; Buescher Eb alto in silver plate, 1928; Conn/Pan American tenor, 1929; Conn 12M bari in silver plate, 1953. All are in playing condition.

Instrument Amplifiers

Fender Blues Deluxe (tube) guitar amplifier

Ampeg B2R bass guitar amplifier with 1 or 2 2 x 15" bass drivers

Alesis Sumo 300 keyboard amplifier (2)

PA Amplifiers

Hafler P500 and DH500 (MOSFET 2 x 255 w stereo, 1 x 800 w mono; P500 has balanced inputs)

BGW 750C 2 x 255 w stereo, 1 x 800 w mono

Hafler P225 and P230 power amplifiers (MOSFET 2 x 100 w, pro versions of DH200/220)

Onkyo HT-NR807 7.2 AV receiver, usable as AV preamplifier

Behringer 3-way active crossover


Behringer Sonic Maximizer (equalizer/feeedback suppressor/RTA)

2 Digitech stereo effects


2 Sunn/Fender SPL-1226 mains (2 15" bass, HF horn, rated 800 w program))

2 JBL 2440 large format HF/Community 500Hz horn drivers

4 JBL Eon 15 G1 powered speakers/monitors (15" bass, HF horn)

3 Grund ST-152 unpowered speakers/monitors (15" bass, HF horn)

2 Grund ST-12 unpowered wedge monitors (12" bass, HF horn)

2 Seismic Audio cabinets with 2 15" bass drivers and 2 piezo horns each

2 bass cabinets with 2 15" Eminence bass drivers each

3 University 315-C 15" coaxial monitors (similar to Altec 604-8G)

3 University 6303 15" coaxial monitors (consumer version of 315-C)

5 Event 20/20 unpowered near field monitors


Peavey PV Lite 3000 DMX controlled wash lights (2 sets of 4 300 watt floods, with cells and tripod stand)

2 500 watt work lights and stand (used with tent outdoors)

Recording Equipment

Zoom H2N portable digital recorder

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 recording interface (2 mic inputs)

MOTU 8pre 8 channel recording interface (8 mic inputs)

Saffire and MOTU devices are used with a Macbook Pro 15 and 17


Peavey RQ2314 mixer (12 mic)

Peavey RQ4324 mixer (24 mic, 6 bus, 4 channels of compression)

Tascam 2516 mixer (16 mic, 8 bus)

Tascam TSR-8 1/2" 8-track 15 ips tape with dBX - professionally refurbished

Tascam 44OB 1/4" 4-track 15 ips tape with dBX - professionally refurbished

Fostex VF16 8-track digital recorder

Event 20/20 monitors (5) and Onkyo sub for use with Onkyo receiver

Koss ESP-9B and Stax electrostatic headphones


Pioneer 6 CD changer

Tascam 122 3-head cassette deck

Canon T3i DSLR with standard and mild telephoto AF lenses