Small PA System set up at Django Cafe

Small PA System - small to medium sized room or small outside venue

Mics and stands as required; see microphones.

2 Grundorf unpowered mains on stands (1x15" bass, HF horn) with stands

Either 1 Grundorf unpowered monitor (1x15" bass, HF horn) or 2 Grundorf wedge monitors (1 x 12" bass, HF horn)

Crate 8-channel powered mixer (Two channels, 150 watts each)

50' snake or 25' snake (in use here)

Other equipment that might be used with this system include a two-channel DI box, a Korg SP300 digital piano (88 weighted keys) with stand and stool, a Korg Triton Rack synthesizer with EXB-MOSS and EXB-SCSI options, a Fender Blues Deluxe guitar amplifier, or an Ampeg BA2R bass amp.

See the other equipment list for other equipment that might be used with this system.