Larger PA System set up for outside party

Larger PA System - larger room or outside venue

This system was installed at the local DIY space, The Void, until December 2017.

The lights were provided by the band; a set of two tripods with wash lights with a foot controller is available (Peavey PV Lite 3000).

Mics as required; see microphones; a Nady drum mic kit is available but may require a second snake and the use of the 24-channel Peavey RQ4324 mixer.

2 Fender/Sunn SPL-1226 mains (2x15" bass, HF horn)

Main speakers driven by 2 Hafler P500 in mono mode (800 wpc)

1 to 4 JBL Eon 15 powered monitors (1x15" bass, HF horn)

Peavy RQ2314 14-channel mixer shown; Peavey RQ4324 (24 mic, 6 bus) available

50 foot 12x4 snake (another 8x4 snake available if more than 12 mic channels are needed)

Other equipment that may be used with this setup includes:

Behringer two-channel DI box or DI800 8-channel interface

An effects rack with reverb, compresson, limiting, etc. is available.

Other equipment that might be used with this system include a Nady drum mic set, a Korg SP300 digital piano with stand and stool, a Korg Triton Rack synthesizer with EXB-MOSS and EXB-SCSI options, a Alesis Sumo 300 amplifer, a Fender Blues Deluxe guitar amplifier, or an Ampeg B2R bass amp driving 1 or 2 cabinets each with 2 15" bass drivers.

See the other equipment list for other equipment that might be used with this system.