Largest PA System (under development)

Mics and stands as required; see microphones.

2 Fender/Sunn SPL-1226 mains (2x15" bass, HF horn not used)

2 JBL 2440 (2" throat) large format HF drivers with Community 500Hz horns (cross over at 500Hz). The JBL 2440's are equipped with 2441 diaphragms which improve HF response over the 2440 but maintain the smooth midrange for which the 2440's are famous.

2 Eminence Kappa 15 15" 400 watt RMS bass drivers, each in an Altec A7 style bass horn.

1 to 4 JBL Eon 15 monitors (15" bass, HF horn)

Up to 4 Grund monitors (3 15" bass, HF horn; 2 12" bass, HF horn))

Behringer active crossover (with digital delay to phase align LF and MF/HF drivers)

Sunns and bass bins powered by 4 Hafler P500 bridged for 800 wpc (1200 wpc peak)

JBL 2440's powered by a Hafler P225 in stereo (2 x 110 wpc)

Grund monitors, if used, would be powered by additional BGW 750C amplifiers

Peavey RQ4324 mixer (24 mic channels, 6 busses)

Effects rack with reverb, equalization, compression, limiting, etc.

100" 12x4 snake or 50' 12x4 plus 50' 8x4 if more than 12 mic channels used

Note: This system requires considerable AC power.

A site inspection before setup is required.