Test Bench

Test Bench Equipment

Tektronix 465B 100Mhz oscilloscope

Sound Technology 1710A oscillator/voltmeter/distortion analyzer, Sound Technology 1000A FM analyzer (not shown), Sound Technology 1200A bench switching system

HP 400 analog AC VTVM, HP 5314A frequency counter, HP 3455A high-resolution digital voltmeter (AC/DC/Ohms)

Heathkit digital voltmeter (with external HV probe to 15KV), Leader wow and flutter meter (not shown), AC wattmeter

HP notebook with Visual Analyzer signal generator/scope/spectrum analyzer software

Behringer cable tester, Behringer instrumentation mic with external USB interface

4 x 200 watt audio dummy load for amplifier testing


Temperature controlled soldering iron, Temperature controlled SMD desoldering device

Stereo 60x microscope (for analyzing LP cartridges

CBS STR100 LP test record, 1/2" and 1/4" open reel test tapes, cassette test tape